I have become aware of dust bunnies and a neglected car, paper piles and soiled slip covers.  These things are on, and then off my radar, with no  action taken. There are a limited number of hours in a day and there is a limited supply of energy in a person. So these things usually get pretty bad before I make time for them. Grocery shopping sometimes falls in this category also. I’ll go out of my way to create meals out of nothing for many days running, just to avoid the trip. I get away with this, because I have a talent for making meals out of nothing. Those I feed seldom notice. There are several things that I wish I could say were priorities. I should walk each day and read the books for book club. Sadly, I have little enthusiasm right now for these activities. 

I DO have priorities. They are:  brushing my teeth, keeping up with garden spots that are in the public view and caring for my zone of vegetables (my husband and I have split the watering into zones), feeding two adults and helping care for grandchildren, and spending time in my studio working on projects.  I feel that doing artwork is a responsibility. Also, the laundry is usually in good shape and the kitchen is always put to bed clean (if you don’t look at the floor!).

At the end of July, I will be hanging an Abstract Art show at our local Art Center. The planning was put into motion many months ago when artists  were asked to submit 3 -5 pieces of art each. This is an opportunity for me to display some of my own abstract art. I have created two new pieces for the show. I made this a priority. 

My abstract art is often a response to the times. What did I want to say about a pandemic? How did I do this without using figures or words?



June 2020 USA

Detail of June 2020 USA

Summer Surge

These pieces  are pretty self-explanatory, once you see their titles. If you saw them without an introduction, you might see something else. 

June 2020 USA is mostly sewn by hand. I have left a lot of frayed edges. My concept was to show: hot spots (orange areas), dead people of color stacked up (brown bands), a curtain of virus (tiny white spots), and angry public protests (large red X’s to symbolize a loud NO).

Summer Surge was sewn using the sewing machine and a technique called reverse applique. I did the applique and quilting at the same time. I made a sandwich of four layers to create a quick quilt. On the bottom was black fabric, then batting, then orange fabric with red patch, and then black fabric again on top. I sewed a free form design through all layers, and then cut away most of the top black layer to reveal the orange and red. I used some of the same red and orange fabrics that were in  June 2020 USA. The small blue spot in the corner is Wyoming. I put a very quilterly binding on the edge.

Here are the two pieces together.


And now, to change the subject back to the garden. Using fresh herbs is a special seasonal joy. Here is a good use for basil.

Watermelon Salad: Cut watermelon into bite-size chunks. Add olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, fresh chopped basil, and small bits of mozzarella cheese.

Summer is here

I know this, because I have switched on a dime, from planting to weeding and mulching. Lots and lots of mulch is CPR for plants. It is how some of those Xeric (native, tough, pronounced zir’ik) plants survive months with almost no water. It is also how to tackle troublesome weeds, such as thistle and… Read more »

Radical Pruning

For weeks now, my response to the pandemic, has been to do lots of radical pruning. What does that mean?  You might think that it means cleaning out my studio or office or some other sort of spring cleaning that many artists spent the month of March doing. I applaud them!  No. My radical pruning… Read more »


People are influenced by what they experience. The current pandemic has many of us even more focused than usual on what it is we want to do with our time, and what we want to say.  I will share with you my newest artwork (created February to mid-March), and what I was thinking about. This… Read more »

Keep Going

In any creative activity, whether it be gardening or building an image of a donkey, it is not easy to know when to stop. Creators in every medium are often warned about this. Art: If you go too far, the paint will become muddy! Poetry: The freshness of an idea might be lost. Cooking: The… Read more »

Just Right

Goldilocks tried out bowls of porridge, chairs and beds, to find the ones that were just right. When this child wandered into the home of the three bears, I assume that the bears were out doing work, or getting their exercise, or attending choir practice. Maybe baby bear was climbing trees or swimming with a… Read more »

Two Gems

This blog is just a quick show and tell, to share with you two commissions completed recently. I am showing you the reference photo given to me, next to the artwork I created for a friend. Notice all the things that are removed (background and shirt logo) and the things added (bottom of shoe and… Read more »

Abstract Art Quilt

I recently visited the art room at an elementary school, as a guest speaker. I was at school all day and talked to 7 different classes of all grade levels. I brought along three examples of my artwork, two abstract and one figurative. I explained my ideas and why I had made the choices of… Read more »

Art Plus Location

I have recently returned from a wonderful visit with my girl (old lady) cousins that took place in Lexington MA, near Boston. We did a great deal of talking and eating and seeing artwork. My dream vacation realized!  So even though some of the conversation had to do with aches and pains of old ladies,… Read more »