March Miscellany

Some of you live in Gillette Wyoming, but you might not know about the wonderful venue for contemporary art quilts at City Hall. Take the stairs, and see my artwork from various vantage points! I change out the quilts in Spring and Autumn. There are four new pieces to enjoy. Evolution, 43 X 53 (above) is one of them.

Earth Meditation, 43 X 42, 2003

Each May, Local Color puts on their annual art show and sale, held at a house (usually big and for sale) and artfully curated. Last year the event was cancelled due to Covid-19, and this year organizers are worried that they may not find an available house. Oh dear. (I am no longer a member of Local Color, but it does cause worry.) I have five weeks to create two or three new pieces for this show – fun, upbeat, simple, appealing, affordable pieces of art. Wish me luck.

Blue Jeans Day, 11 X 8

March is when Felix and I try to get our pruning of trees and bushes done. It’s been a cold month, so we’ve been waiting patiently for a warm week-end day to do this work. We do some of it together, with me pointing to what needs removing, and Felix doing the sawing and clipping. I seldom like to do collaborative art, but collaborative pruning works. On March 27, no longer patient, 31 degrees with no wind, 7:30 am – we drove to my daughter’s place of business to prune. We got it all done in under an hour and came home much satisfied, even though I got a smack in the face by a chokecherry branch! The pruned sticks will be bundled and taken away later. Our hands and feet would like this job to continue on a much warmer day! Did you know that pruning is a form of editing? All creative sport requires the maker be very comfortable with pruning!

April-May, 10 X 14, 2016

Yesterday I removed a 1988 applique (below) from its stretcher bars, and washed it. I had the idea that I would convert it into a quilt, but after carefully looking it over, have decided not to save it. It’s hard to get excited about working with faded polyester fabrics! There is a possibility that I will make the image again, starting from scratch and in a different size. I have always loved the subject of marching clouds and like the composition too. Girl on the Slide is 24 X 40 inches.

I must clean house in anticipation of guests’ arrival in three weeks. After one year of pandemic, I must seriously challenge the two kinds of dirt that have taken over – dusty grime and clutter. I have plenty to keep me busy. In addition to the monthly jobs of hanging an art show at AVA art center and writing a blog post I will 1) Clean house/organize, 2) Create new artwork, 3) Prune/clean-up debris.

Hanging Out, 22 X 24, 2017

This month’s recipe is for a group of toppings I call Nearly-Pesto. The flavors of pesto are there, but the preparation time is short and there are no equipment needs. These toppings can be added to cooked pasta, spaghetti squash, or quinoa. Nearly-Pesto: Drizzle with olive oil. Add garlic powder, dried or fresh chopped basil, grated parmesan cheese, and toasted seeds (pumpkin or/and sunflower) or toasted chopped walnuts. Zap in microwave briefly. See how fast that was!

Art Show Themes

Art shows often come together better if there are parameters. These might be subject matter, concept, color palette, size, medium, or some combination of these things. There are no guarantees that artists will respond to a call for art by submitting strong artwork. A theme that you thought was wonderful, might be greeted by a… Read more »

Show and Tell

In December I had the pleasure of hearing Transendence: How Humans Evolved through Fire, Language, Beauty and Time, read by the author, Gaia Vince. She follows the story of homo sapiens from their beginnings until now, and her full research and excellent storytelling make this book of non-fiction a real page turner! I was listening… Read more »

Light and Dark Harmony

It turns out that you’re never too old to learn! Five months ago an artist buddy introduced me to the art principle of Notan, which is a Japanese word meaning light and dark harmony. Had I gone to art school, I would already have known about this way of looking at composition. How pleasing is… Read more »


 I have become aware of dust bunnies and a neglected car, paper piles and soiled slip covers.  These things are on, and then off my radar, with no  action taken. There are a limited number of hours in a day and there is a limited supply of energy in a person. So these things usually… Read more »

Summer is here

I know this, because I have switched on a dime, from planting to weeding and mulching. Lots and lots of mulch is CPR for plants. It is how some of those Xeric (native, tough, pronounced zir’ik) plants survive months with almost no water. It is also how to tackle troublesome weeds, such as thistle and… Read more »