Contemporary Quilt Artist

 Nurturing Concepts

In my Contemporary Quilt Art, I create in Abstract,  Figurative, and Cartoon styles.  No matter which style I am using, I communicate ideas with repeating themes: harmony, spirit, mending that which is torn, metamorphosis, less is more, seasons of life, connections, imperfection, and feeling safe and well.  

My Abstract pieces often explore an idea that is communicated by my choices of fabrics, colors, sizes, shapes, and complexity.  In my Figurative artwork, I am often doing my best to capture a moment. Viewers can relate to the universal relationships of people with other people and pets, as well as our relationship with the outdoors.  Using a silly Cartoon style is sometimes the best way to comment on current events.  Cartoons capture a gesture or idea in exaggerated ways. Cartoons are both silly and serious.  

All New quilt art
All New, 2021, 22 X 34, $575
Another Time Long Ago quilt art
detail of Another Time Long Ago, 26 X 30.5, 2022, NFS. Read about this artwork in my Recycled Materials blog post, May 2022

Love, 11 X 8, sold

detail from Safe in My Arms, 32.5X 52, 2022, $ 1,200
Shade Tree Meditation, 48 X 35, 2022, $750 Read about this art in the April 2022 blog



Summer Afternoon, 36 X 49, sold