People are influenced by what they experience. The current pandemic has many of us even more focused than usual on what it is we want to do with our time, and what we want to say.  I will share with you my newest artwork (created February to mid-March), and what I was thinking about. This is my way of writing an OP-ED.

I took many reference photos last summer, showing the obsession of so many tourists to photograph everything in sight. I have been itching to use these images of photographers as models for many months, and in February gave myself permission to do so. I selected white noise fabrics for the backgrounds, and used alien skin colors. Cartoons are an enjoyable way to poke fun at this activity. The name of this piece is Ridiculous.



Ridiculous 30 X 34


Images of OK Smile and Vacation are found at the end of the blog. I am happy with OK Smile, because I figured out how to make the figures see-through, and I used a lot of fabulous fun zebra fabric! Will we see each other in the crowd, or be lost in the static?

Vacation implies that a crowd of people exists in all directions. (Even before COVID-19, the close proximity of people was oppressive for some of us.) I used summery colors and added a road, because much time is spent on a bus.

I wanted to create an abstract artwork using some of the gold flecked fabrics found in the hair, shirt and coats of Ridiculous. I was following the scary WHO news and wanted to comment on it. I know that the pandemic will get far worse in the United States before it gets better. This artwork is a projection into the future, and an acknowledgement that this too will pass, in time. The name is Better Days Ahead.


Better Days Ahead 16 X 20


On March 13th, just as I was coming down with a cold, and the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Wyoming, I created Your Pretty Umbrella Will Not Protect You. Even though this person examines the news with her camera, she is probably not ready for what is ahead. I included the steep curve of infection in Italy. The image for this piece is also found after the recipe at the end of this blog.


I have become aware of the alignment of family and friends spending time in the kitchen. When my daughter was a baby she sucked her thumb to sooth herself. While staying at home and away from groups, it appears that baking is our national thumb sucking activity!  This abstract piece is called Savor the Aromas From the Kitchen. Can you spot the fresh bread, spiced tea, and garlic chicken soup? Don’t you wish that you could save those lovely smells in your pocket, and retrieve them later?

Savor the Aromas 30 X 15


Fast Concoction for a cold day:  Saute (in extra virgin olive oil) a small amount of burger with garlic and red pepper. Add small amount of left over banza noodles, black beans, a small can each of mild chili peppers and black olives. Top with cubes of Montery Jack cheese. This recipe can also be a cool concoction for a warm day. Just serve cold with a little dressing added. Do you have some salad or fresh fruit for the side? 



Your Pretty Umbrella Will Not Protect You
OK Smile

6 Responses to Responding

Patty Hawkins

Oh wow!
Joan you are EXCELLANT at saying what we are feelin!
Our older daughter Kathy
Is repairing our dryer! UTube video and her husband trouble shooting on the web! What a loving pair( they live in Golden)
Yes baking is soothing
I make 3 loavesCRANBERRY bread each wee/mail one to San Fran daughter, one to Kathy one to neighbor who is our mega helper!

Do Palma

Very nice, Joan! Thank you for sharing all of these with us!

(How many of those people are taking selfies, do you think? I’m often surprised when I try to stay out of the way when someone seems to be taking a picture, then realize that the only way I could interfere would be if I were between them and their camera!)

Marion Emerson

Joan. Thanks for sharing the phone camera quilts. They are so clever.
Stay safe at home.

Dorothy G Raymon

Joan, the phone camera quilts are powerful. When we travel, my husband likes to take photos of people taking selfies. And he sneers at them while doing it!

phillippa lack

very nice series. this continual selfie and phone viewing can be tiresome, especially when accompanied by LOUD VOICES! hope you are keeping well, and being positive.

Christy Gerrits

I love it when you provide insight to your creative thoughts. Beautiful work as ever.


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