Repeating Myself – in a good way

I have recently chosen to create two art quilts comprised of multiple images of wonderful exciting shadows! How many times have I already been drawn to this subject matter? Cosmic Bicycle, Magic Wall, Purple Stroller. Only three times? It seems like way more than this.

I combined six images of a wall with winter tree shadows.

Magic Wall, 48 X 48, $1,500

So… after reviewing my inventory list back to 2003 I discover that 10 additional pieces were created using multiple images. But, in these the principle subject remained solid – people, pets, canoes – rather than the shadows. There are 25 more pieces (single image) where cast shadows play a big role and 8 more pieces with light being an important element.

Many artists gravitate to images seen at the ends of the day, when shadows are long and light dramatic. I am not alone in finding this combination irresistible.

When I take this further, and use multiple images, the viewer is made aware of the fun relationships of subject and shadows. A theme emerges. The device of variations on a theme are employed in all art forms – for example: choreography, story line, music, cuisine, landscaping, and fashion. Like those other artists I will probably repeat myself many more times. I can’t help it.

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