Public Art Commission

Fabric collage artist, Joan has enjoyed completing art commissions¬†for Public Art locations, such as Hospital, City Hall, State Capitol, and State Park visitor center. Sowada’s pieces are particularly appealing for senior center, children’s center, library, and government buildings. Joan has experience in adapting her family friendly artwork to a particular locale.

Quilt art "Bike Over Boulder" by Joan Sowada

Bike Over Boulder is one of the four pieces displayed at the new Curt Gowdy State Park visitor center 24 miles west of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Quilt art "Girls at Waterfall" by Joan Sowada

Girls at Waterfall, 47 X 27

Boys Fishing quilt art

Boys Fishing, 33 X 29

Colorful Kayaks quilt art

Colorful Kayaks, 33 X 56


Installed together on the wall above the information desk, at the new Curt Gowdy State Park visitor center.