Progress on Safe and Well

I have committed a year to a series I’m calling Safe and Well. So far, I’m on track.  Last month I shared with you an abstract conceptual piece called “Good Sleep”. This month I’m showing you two figurative pieces, each sure to lower your blood pressure.

 I created Kate and Theo for a show at AVA art center called ‘Loved Ones’. Unconditional love is a big part of feeling safe and well. (To my delight, cousin Kate has purchased the piece!)


Kate and Theo, 20 X 23, sold

The title of the second recent creation is Warm Day Cool Water. I have finally used a reference photo taken many years ago. If the photograph were able to speak, it would say, “About time!” The image shows a perfect moment, of people relaxed and comfortable. We don’t schedule these moments, but we can stop and savor them when they happen! Stop and smell the roses. Or if it’s October, see the color of the trees, and listen to the sound of the rain. Choose to feel safe and well.

Warm Day Cool Water, 20 X 31, $595

Do you enjoy a good balance of order and chaos in your life? I’ve thought about this kind of balance many times over the years, and I think it relates to being happy and feeling safe and well. Balancing order and chaos can apply to any number of activities from good parenting to good gardening, homemaking to traveling. I have started working on an abstract conceptual piece about this duality. My personality has a preference for order, so whatever I create will probably lean in that direction. Wish me luck. (So far, I don’t like it much, but it is early yet.)

Each month I share a recipe with you. Sometimes I give amounts and sometimes I don’t. This time you will have to decide your own balance of ingredients. It is cold in Wyoming today, so I’m in the mood for something served hot! I suggest a stew-like soup made with broth, cooked quinoa, cooked green beans, sauteed vegetables (I used mushrooms, leeks, and zucchini), salt, pepper, ground cumin, chili, and turmeric. Top with plain yogurt.

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