How important is the perfect name? When presenting our artwork to the world it can make a difference. If you can delight your viewers with a title that is fun or memorable, it will keep them looking at the art a little bit longer.

I have made a mash-up-make-over piece that I will enter into a Studio Art Quilt Associates regional show on the theme of all things Wild. I want you to give me suggestions on what to name this energetic piece. Here it is.


43 X 24

I started out with a piece made with hot colors called Resting Between Games AND a busy black and white piece called Addiction. Each in its own way is wild. Resting between Games (2006) was based on a photograph taken at a tennis match. I could have called it Braiding Hair or Tennis Girls, but I wanted to acknowledge the girls as athletes, heated up from playing hard. Addiction (2016) was created as part of a series exploring the ideas around computer technology and the ways in which we are addicted to it. I could have named it Too Much Attention or Crazy Drug. As you can see, I sliced them into sections and combined them to create the new piece.

Resting Between Games 16 X 24
Addiction 28 X 23

I like the way the representational piece is now seen as abstract shapes and colors.  The flow of relationships in the new composition are wonderful!  The new piece brought to mind many of the same emotions as Addiction, only more so! There is too much responsibility, too frantic a pace, too much volume when the children are awake! So I wanted to call it Overloaded, but when Felix saw it he was rather delighted with the energy. He did not find this wild thing oppressive at all. That is the way with artwork. Each person has his or her own take on it.

I don’t think I am good at naming artwork. Shall I call it Exuberance? Wild Thing? I’m Away from the Office? I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks for your participation! Here are some detail images.

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4 Responses to Naming

Jocelyne Vallières

Wow! Your creations are fantastic! On my side I use to refer to the feelings that inspires my creation for a name. When I look at your pattern I see so much harmony (colours, composition and textures) + chaos of overwhelming though (B&W)… Beauty expressed from different emotion states… so something related to the beauty of wild moods

Grace Christianson

I’ve had this conversation with artists at their shows. You all worry about it a little. While I don’t like “Untitled 1, Untitled 2 ……Untitled 148”, give your title a bit of thought and then let the art speak to the viewer with its own voice.

Brooke Mack

Eclectic Vibe
Defined as a deriving idea, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Also Resting Addiction


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