Looking at Light

Several months ago, I talked to you about art show themes. I also shared three reference photos taken in early morning light. Here they are again.

These photos were my inspiration for creating a piece for the Chasing Light show. I combined the three images and used three different sizes, resulting in a compelling composition. I call this piece Looking at Light. It is 46 X 41 inches. Light is what defines the shadowy silhouettes. Without the light there would be no form. 

I created another piece on the Chasing Light theme. It is called All New and is 22 X 34 inches.

The forms here are more three dimensional than those in Looking at Light. The people are back-lit, giving them halos. The mysterious container is aglow and holds treasures to explore. For a baby, all is new.

A closer look at these two contemporary art quilts will show you that fabric choice and quilting add a lot to the look of the art. I have also used small amounts of fabric crayon and markers. Can you spot the scribbles and circles?

I end each blog with a recipe.  Lemony Coleslaw is easy to make and perfect to take to a pot luck gathering because it can sit at room temperature with no ill effects. (In fact, it improves with a couple of days in the fridge.) Lemony Coleslaw:  Combine chopped green and purple cabbage, grated carrots, chopped apple, and fresh dill in a bowl.  (Fresh dill makes the recipe a real winner.) Add olive oil and a generous amount of lemon juice. Add a little salt and a little sugar. Enjoy.

5 Responses to Looking at Light

Patty Hawkins

Thanks Joan!
So enjoy your sharing and teaching! That’s the best part of being an artist!

Karin Ebertz

Fascinating take on the theme! I also enjoy seeing the close-ups of your quilting.


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