If the Power Goes Out

After a week of enjoying 2 hours a day of Spring garden cleanup, Winter has returned for a bit. The power is not likely to fail, but what if it did? Some artists work without power tools of any kind – colored pencil, paint, markers, etc. to render an image, as long as there is day light. But what about those others? Most people use power all the time, everyday, artist or not. You are probably “most people”.

There are four things I can do art wise when the power fails. 1) I can paint or otherwise alter fabric using pastel, crayon and markers. 2) As long as I have needle and thread, hand applique and quilting is easy and meditative. 3) The studio can be organized, cleaned (I have a broom) and weeded. 4) I can plot and plan my next project (or two or three).

I use a computer, iron and sewing machine a lot, and cooking appliances even more (for meals). But a quiet break from power use would be OK.

Lots of hand painting and hand stitching went into the creation of “Convergence”.

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Kathleen Ely

That’s why I have my great grandmother’s treadle, which she used in Upton. I grew up sewing on it. I don’t think we ever changed the needle all those years!


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