Abstract Artwork Gallery

Abstract pieces find a way to depict emotions and narratives in ways we are not used to seeing. Much of my contemporary quilt art is designed and crafted in the abstract style. Most pieces are sewn by hand, and I incorporate various colors, patterns, and textures to best communicate the concepts and emotions of a piece.


Tsunami - Quilt art with abstract shapes

Tsunami, 22 X 30 sold

Using a Japanese color palette, I created this piece after the Tsunami of 2011


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Ugly - Quilt art with logos of media companies
Ugly, , 43 X 33, $850

Divisions in the USA are amplified through the media.

This Ongoing, 42 X 42, $950

Cracking apart, birth, growth, seeds, shifting, decay, ever changing

Many Fires Burning 47 X 26 $900

There is smoke and fire, with multiple hot spots. Interpretations can be political and environmental.

Good Vibrations,41 X 28, $700

Symbiosis in the backyard pond, voices in a choir, or sexual intercourse.

Women of Color Rise, 68 X 43, $1,200

Read about my process for creating this dramatic piece in blog post I Don’t get it

Evolution, 43 X 53, $1,200

Blog post Show and Tell explains the inspiration for this piece.

Rain, 61 X 31, $900

Rain has a magical effect on the hills, making them turn green.

Neighbors, 12 X 32, $275
Hope and Fear, 39 X 39, $900

We often feel hope and fear at the same time, especially during a pandemic and a presidential election. Read more in blog post Narrative.

Democracy Under Attack, 49 X 37, $900

Read about this art quilt in my blog post Conceptual Art.

Favorite Things, 54 X 26, $575

Pockets, Plaid, and Polka Dots – to name a few – of my favorite things. Narrative blog post

Faith, 42 X 18, sold

There is a lot to take care of, and not enough time to take care of ourselves.

Lullaby, 23 X 28, sold
Seen and Heard, 40 X 36, $800