Abstract Artwork Gallery

Abstract pieces find a way to depict emotions and narratives in ways we are not used to seeing. Over half of the contemporary quilt art I create is designed and crafted in an abstract style. Most pieces are sewn by hand, and I incorporate various colors, patterns, and textures to best communicate the concepts and emotions of a piece. Each fabric selected contributes to what I have to say.


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Ugly - Quilt art with logos of media companies
Ugly, 43 X 33, $950. Divisions in the USA are amplified through the media. I talk about this piece in my blog post called Show and Tell

This Ongoing, 42 X 42, $1,200. Cracking apart, birth, growth, seeds, shifting, decay, ever-changing

Many Fires Burning 47 X 26 $900

There is smoke and fire, with multiple hot spots. Interpretations can be political and environmental.

Good Vibrations,41 X 28, $700

Symbiosis in the backyard pond, voices in a choir, or sexual intercourse.

Women of Color Rise, 68 X 43, $1,500

Read about my process for creating this dramatic piece in a blog post I Don’t get it

Evolution, 43 X 53, Sold
Rain, 61 X 31, $900. Blog post Show and Tell explains the inspiration for Rain.

Rain has a magical effect on the hills, making them turn green.

Neighbors, 12 X 32, $375
Hope and Fear, 39 X 39, sold

We often feel hope and fear at the same time, especially during a pandemic and a presidential election. Read more in the blog post Narrative.

Democracy Under Attack, 49 X 37, $900

Read about this art quilt in my blog post-Conceptual Art.

Favorite Things, 54 X 26, $725

Pockets, Plaid, and Polka Dots – to name a few – of my favorite things. Narrative blog post

Faith, 42 X 18, sold

There is a lot to take care of, and not enough time to take care of ourselves.

Lullaby, 23 X 28, sold
Seen and Heard, 40 X 36, $950

Looking at Light 2021 46 X 46 $950

I write about creating this piece in a blog post called Looking at Light.

Genesis, 2021 53 X 32. $1,200

I write about Genisis in a blog post called Virtual Retreat

What is this Place? 2021 13 X 31 $525

Are you feeling disoriented? I talk about this piece (recreated from two old quilts) in a blog post called Fantasy

Haven, 2022, 23 X 25, $400
Outside Voices, 2021, 24 X 43, $900
Safe in My Arms, 2022, 32.5 X 52, $1,200