Figures Gallery

 I create figurative artwork and cartoons that are presented as contemporary quilt art.  No matter what style I am using, the quilt art has fabrics and themes in common. I show relationships, precious ordinary moments, impermanence, gratitude, repetition, and response. These pieces are often inspired by reference photos I have personally taken. I craft each piece using commercial and hand-painted fabrics, fusing,  machine applique, and quilting. I alter fabrics with paint,  markers, and thread.


Warm Day Cool Water quilt art

Warm Day Cool Water, 20 X 31, 2022, $595

Picnic quilt art

Picnic, 2023, 30 X 39, $1,200

I discuss this art in my blog post of Feb. 2023 Picnic

Beans Beans Lima Beans, 2022, 32.5 X 26.5, $900

Long View Large, 38 X 53, sold

Sky, wind, and horizon. This piece is owned by the state of Wyoming.

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Sunday Afternoon 36 X 49, $1,800

Sunday Afternoon 36 X 49, $2,100

We interpret and share our reality with our phones. Digital info is stored in the cloud. In a different century, the norm was using a sun umbrella at the park.

Water Works, 28 X 38, $900

Water Works, 28 X 38, $900

Children stay busy as the water flows over steps, filling the basin, draining away, and starting again

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By Design, 22 X 22, $450

By Design, 22 X 22, $450

By design, the newest product is sexy and seems necessary, but will be outdated soon!


Reading, 21.5 X 27, 2023,$700
My Family, 22X21.5, 2023, $700
Purple Dress, 40 X 26, $900
All New 2021 22 X 34 $575
Covid Limbo, 45 X 45, $795

Getting hands dirty is good for the soul.

Motherboard, 29.5 X 40.5, $950 Mother is the heart of the family and Motherboard is the heart of the computer.
Summer Afternoon, 31 X 46, sold

I create contemporary art quilts in a cartoon style. These are a response to the times we live in. I explore both silly and serious ideas.

Not Worried, 24 X 17.5, $ 300

Monsters, 52 X 36
Ridiculous, 30 X 34, $895

Harvest, 21 X 29, $495

Plant. Water. Harvest. Do it all while wearing a terrific blue hat!

OK Smile, 16 X 20, sold
Big Table, 30 X 30, $795

I talk about this piece in my blog post of Aug. 2021 called Construction.

Late Bloomer Learning to Surf, (2008), 43 X 28, $750 Read a blog post called Digital Age May 2022
Love, 11 X 8 Sold