Digital Age

 When did the digital age begin?

 No birth announcements were sent out, and no birthday cake was eaten. In the first years, each new digital device rolled out to great fanfare. It didn’t take long to realize that every sexy device had a short life span, and before long would need to be replaced! I’m still grumbling about that one, even though change is the natural way of all things. With the digital age, everything started happening faster.

My discomfort with the digital age started showing up in my artwork in 2008, when I created a piece called Late Bloomer Learning to Surf.  Right out of the shoot I did not like riding this wave!  You can see that I am holding a bar of special dark chocolate, and that helps. I know that this woman is me because of the flabby arms!

 I have created more than 12 pieces addressing the digital age.  My choices of fabrics for these pieces have been consistent: Busy, noisy, patterned, black and white, and sometimes with artificial neon colors. Some of the fabrics suggest electrical circuits, the web, or static.


Late Bloomer Learning to Surf, 2008, 43 X 28, $750
Sunday Afternoon, 2015, 36 X 49, $2,100
The cloud at the top stores all the data.
Generations, 2016, 40 X 30 sold
Each generation builds on the knowledge of those who came before.

Startup, 2016, 60 X 15, $500
Some of the startup ideas will be wonderful, some will not.
Some will succeed and some will crash.
By Design, 2016, 22 X 22, $450
By design, each device or app will need to be updated.
Black and White App, 2016, 12.5 X 9.5, sold
Followers, 2016, 28 X 51.5, $950
How many followers do you have? It used to matter.
Does it still matter?
Are You Real? 2016, 29 X 39, $950
The touch of a person still beats all the other digital contacts that we have.
The zoom meetings have proved that!
Motherboard, 2016, 29.5 X 40.5, $950
The motherboard is what makes a computer work.
Mother is what makes a family work.
A Minute of Clarity, 2016,15.5 X 28, sold
Hold still, and feel a calm clarity.
Too Much Information, 2016, 7 X 9 sold
Do we really need to know everything?
We won’t remember most of it anyway!
OK Smile, 2020, 16 X 20 sold
We could be taking a picture of zebras.
But, we’re fascinated with ourselves!
Ridiculous, 2020, 30 X 34, $895
Did that thing happen? Only if I have a photo of it!

The digital age will outlast me, and I will probably be interested in creating more artwork exploring this theme. I have both positive and negative feelings about living in these times, especially since I remember the years before digital stuff invaded our lives. My noisiest fabrics wait in a bag for future commentary!

And now, for a new blog recipe. Home-made apple sauce: Delicious and easy! I use Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apples. Peel and chop 4 apples. Place in a pot with 1 1/2 cups of water. Bring to a boil. Stir and simmer for 25 minutes. Add 1/2 t. cinnamon. You may want to add one tablespoon of sugar or a teaspoon of honey. I like applesauce topped with yogurt.

3 Responses to Digital Age

Christy Gerrits

Interesting blog, Joan, technology is a double edged sword for sure! You do a beautiful job of portraying that.

Maggie Cosner

Joan this was a true delight to see your interpretation of “the digital age”. Each piece has much to say.
Thank you for sharing!
Loved your “selfie”


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