Artist Joan Sowada

If you want to know more about me as a person, and also about my process, than read my blog posts. Seeing my Contemporary Quilt Art in person is always best, so check out my Exhibits page. There may be a show near you that I am participating in.

Quilt art "Good Vibrations" by Joan Sowada

Good Vibrations

Here are some things that describe my artwork:

Abstract Art Quilts

Response to the times we live in

Unique Perspectives

Contemporary Quilt Art

Imperfect and Unfinished

Abstract and Figurative

Quilt art "Hanging Out" by Joan Sowada

Are you interested in my creative process and technique? The top three publications below spell out how I create most of my figurative artwork. However, one’s process evolves, and more recently I am doing less fusing and more sewing by hand. When doing a figurative piece, I still use a tracing of my image and work flat on a table. If I am not fusing, then I pin and tape things in place until I am ready to sew by hand. I  sometimes talk about my process on blog posts: Conceptual Art, How is it done, and I don’t get it have a lot of information about process.


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Abstract & Geometric, 2016

Have the Right , presented by Picture Art Foundation, Nov 2011

State of the Art, The Studio Quilt, no. 6, November 2011Xhibit, 2011

Exhibitions 3&4, preston contemporary art

Quilting Arts magazine April/May 2011

500 Quilts by Lark Books, 2010

SAQA Journal  Fall 2009, Winter 2010, Fall 2016

SAQA Art Quilt Quarterly, Winter 2017

Quilting Arts magazine Dec./Jan. 2010

Quilters Newsletter magazine Feb/March 2010

Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine Nov. 2010

Do I teach workshops?  No

Do I give talks? Yes, sometimes in the Region.

Rain, 61 X 31, $900

I wear many hats. I am a curator, gardener, grandma, singer, writer, cook, and contemporary quilt artist. I am on Facebook – Joan Sowada Art