Artist Joan Sowada

 I recommend reading my blog posts. I talk about my inspirations and process. I share art-related themes, such as editing, narration, curating, and recipes. Seeing my Contemporary Quilt Art in person is always best, so check out my Exhibits page. There may be a show near you that I am participating in.

I work in abstract conceptual, cartoon, and representational styles. There are repeating themes: seasons, harmony, spirit, mending that which is torn, metamorphosis, response to world news, less is more, connections, and imperfection.

In my abstract pieces, I use a combination of commercial fabrics and painted cotton and linen. These artworks have hand appliqué and a combination of hand and machine quilting. Often pieces will look imperfect and unfinished.

My figurative pieces are more likely to be created using fusing and machine applique and quilting. I use a tracing of my image and work flat on a table. If I am not fusing, then I pin and tape things in place until I am ready to sew by hand.

Are you interested in my creative process and technique?  My blog posts often discuss my inspirations and how things are constructed.

Show and Tell 01/29/2021

Construction 08/28/2021

Virtual Retreat 10/27/2021


The top three Publications below give information about how I create most of my figurative artwork.


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Do I teach workshops?  No

Do I give talks? Yes, sometimes in the Region.

 I am a curator, gardener, grandma, singer, writer, cook, and contemporary quilt artist. I am on Facebook – Joan Sowada Art