Artist Joan Sowada

In my blog posts, I talk about my inspirations and process. I share art-related themes, such as editing, narration, curating, and working in a series. At the end of each post is a delicious gluten-free recipe. Seeing my Contemporary Quilt Art in person is always best, so check out my Exhibits page. There may be a show near you that I am participating in.

I work in abstract conceptual, representational, and cartoon styles. No matter what style I am using, there are repeating themes explored: seasons of life, harmony, spirit, mending that which is torn, metamorphosis, response to world news, less is more, moments, relationships, imperfection, and feeling safe.

In my abstract pieces, I use a combination of commercial fabrics, recycled fabrics, and painted cotton and linen. These artworks have hand appliqué and a combination of hand and machine quilting. Often pieces will look imperfect and unfinished.

My figurative pieces are more likely to be created using fusing and machine applique and quilting. I use a tracing of my image and work flat on a table. If I am not fusing, then I pin and tape things in place until I am ready to sew by hand.

I have been using fabric as my medium for 55 years! My first applique wall hangings were whimsical cartoons, more doodle than commentary. There are still times when a cartoon says it best, even all these years later.

Are you interested in my creative process and technique?  My blog posts often discuss my inspirations and how things are constructed.

Recycled Materials 05/24/2022

Show and Tell 01/29/2021

Construction 08/28/2021

Virtual Retreat 10/27/2021

Do I teach workshops? No

Do I give talks? Yes, sometimes in the Region.

I am a curator, gardener, grandma, singer, writer, cook, and contemporary quilt artist. I am on Facebook and Instagram – Joan Sowada Art