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Inspiration Found in Relationships

Inspiration Found in Relationships

My artist statement has drifted this way and that over the years, but one thing remains the same.

People Together. Relationship.

Of course dogs and horses and cats are also ‘people’. There are other Sowada characteristics of outdoors, seasons, reflections, and shadows that usually appear as well.

Being Kind
Being Kind photo
Wonderful Water photo
Wonderful Water
Hanging Out
Hanging Out photo



Here are some examples of reference photos and the artwork created from them. I have many photos in waiting that rest on my ping pong table until I am ready to use them. I am creating small pieces (7 X 10 and 12 X 16) for an upcoming solo show in February. The name of the show is Antidote. I want the images of people together to be an antidote for the poisonous effects of viewing too much news. I want to show people and pets of all ages. I want to seep the viewer in good will and nurturing activities.


Eye to Eye photo
Seeing Eye to Eye




Seeing Eye To Eye is an odd piece. These two made me smile. Is it the horse that thinks the human is strange, or vice versa? That is why I chose to use unusual colors.

I include a recipe in each of my monthly blog posts. It is a sort of reward for reading. (I have not included amounts on this one, but you know what you like.) This recipe is popular with the kids. Pea and Cheese Salad – Thaw frozen peas in luke warm water for a minute. Drain and spread out on a clean dry towel for a bit to remove most of the water. While waiting cut chedar or monterey jack into small cubes and dice some dill pickle. (Sometimes I use cut up snow peas instead of frozen peas.) If you have fresh parseley, dill or cilantro, these can be added. If you like green onion, purple cabbage, or red bell pepper, you can add these. Make a dressing by mixing together 50/50 plain whole yogurt (or sour cream) and mayonaise. Mix together and serve.

Beach Shadows
Bea and Teddy walking
Family Highlight

Here are a few more feel good images that I hope to turn into Antidote artwork before February. The image of the Sisters, makes my blood pressure and breathing find a restful place.

Pendulum Swinging

Pendulum Swinging

Politics also go through a seasonal cycle, but instead of the sweet and nurturing circle we experience within seasons of the year, political climates are right and left, pendulum swinging back and forth. The trapeze is up so very high! The political tribes have opposite view points on so many things – Are rules for the… Continue Reading