Life’s Journey Shared

 Our sense of well-being is enriched by spending time with other people (and pets). Two new pieces about sharing our days with others fit easily into my Safe and Well series.

Come Walk With Me is an abstract piece of richly patterned fabrics that play well together. It looks busy and simple at the same time. The fabrics are hand appliqued and the quilting combines machine stitching and hand work. The colors include earth tones and references to flora and fauna. This piece says, “Join me on my journey. Be my companion.”

Come Walk With Me, 31 X 13, $350


 Sit With Me is a figurative piece that shows two women sitting on a rock with a forest behind them. It is a bright day (sunglasses) and probably Springtime (no coats!) How nice to have someone to share moments of this kind, peaceful and nurturing. 

Sit With Me, 9 X 12, $275

Here are a few more examples of contemporary art quilts with a similar vibe.

Fresh Outlook, 2006, 32 X 43, sold

Seeing Eye to Eye, 2018, 10 X 14, sold

Jazz Unfolding, 2011, 28 X 33, sold

Syncopated Dialogue, 2017, 40 X 22, $500


 For this month’s ‘recipe’, I share an easy snack, nutritious and tasty. I always have the ingredients in my fridge.  Tear off several thicknesses of cabbage leaves (red or green) and cut each portion into smaller units (for easy eating). Spread with nut butter and top with raisins. You already know this snack when made with celery or apple. Yum.



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