Entering the Studio

This week it will be easy to descend into my basement studio, because I am enjoying hand stitching on a large abstract piece. It covers about 1/3 of a ping pong tale and I am exited about the process and the results. I can already see the piece complete, so I am excited to finish it. ……. But after that, what is next?

Sometimes during the colder shorter days of the year it is a challenge to maintain enthusiasm for creating new work, and the discipline to just do it, even when not feeling in the mood for it. I have a variety of tactics up my sleeve, to bribe myself, to enter the studio. Sometimes just the idea of Salsa Music is enough. Here are some others:

* I won’t start anything. I’m just picking up the space.
* I’ve just completed something large and complex – I will reward myself with something fast and small. ( Or the opposite applies)
* I’ll just pull out some fabrics from my novelty drawer and see where they lead me. The photo insert is an example of using some novelty fabric in a fun way.
* I will review what I have in the box of linen type fabrics.
* I could make one cartoonish 10 X 10 inch piece each day for a week.
* Look through the stack of photos that’s been sitting there for ages.
* Play Day! I’ll paint etc.etc. on fabrics to alter or create from scratch, with no particular idea in mind. I give myself permission to let loose and have fun!

There is sure to be one of these carrots that sounds really tasty and will get you into your work space. If none of these appeals to you, set a timer for 20 minutes and do something for that long.  Or go on a walk with your camera.

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