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Safe and Well

What does it mean to be safe and well? Spending comfortable time with my family. Reading with a child.

Ideas for Safe and Well series

Part of the process of making art is thinking of what to say. I am taking a close look at what makes me feel well and asking if these things are shared with my fellow humans.

Life’s Journey Shared

Our sense of well-being is enriched by spending time with others.


Food and family are important elements of feeling safe and well.

Good People

I thought about all those people in our lives who support us, teach us, entertain, heal, cook, share, help, and are ready to step up. They are Good People.

Progress on Safe and Well

I have committed a year to a series I call Safe and Well. So far, I’m on track. This month I share two figurative pieces, each sure to lower your blood pressure.

Safe and Well

I have embarked on making artwork on the theme of Safe and Well.

Digital Age

When did the digital age begin?
I am not a fan of devices.

Virtual Retreat

start a project by participating in a virtual retreat.

New Combinations

  Are you one of those silly people?  – A person who thinks your house can only hold a finite number of artworks?  There are a lot of you out there! It turns out that art can expand and contract and change, just like other things in your house and yard. For example: walls, paint… Read more »