Category: Contemporary

Progress on Safe and Well

I have committed a year to a series I call Safe and Well. So far, I’m on track. This month I share two figurative pieces, each sure to lower your blood pressure.


My job as a mentor is to help my mentee set goals, ask probing questions, make observations, and listen.

Another Makeover

A Makeover happens when you remove and add and change what you have.

Recycled materials

I get a lot of satisfaction from using recycled materials.

Digital Age

When did the digital age begin?
I am not a fan of devices.


If you can delight your viewer with a title that is fun or memorable, it will keep them looking at the art a little bit longer.

Less is More

I’ve been creating art with a simple vibe, by saying more with fewer parts.

neutral walls for artwork

There are neutral walls at my house. It’s a bright airy facelift!

Looking at Light

Several months ago, I talked to you about art show themes. I also shared three reference photos taken in early morning light. Here they are again. These photos were my inspiration for creating a piece for the Chasing Light show. I combined the three images and used three different sizes, resulting in a compelling composition…. Read more »


I make art in both figurative and abstract styles. Narrative is important in both.