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What would you change in an old piece of art to make it more fanciful? Would you add a new dimension or strange colors? Maybe some fringe?

Virtual Retreat

start a project by participating in a virtual retreat.

Less is More

I’ve been creating art with a simple vibe, by saying more with fewer parts.


I build my artwork. There are many ways to construct an art quilt.

neutral walls for artwork

There are neutral walls at my house. It’s a bright airy facelift!

Looking at Light

Several months ago, I talked to you about art show themes. I also shared three reference photos taken in early morning light. Here they are again. These photos were my inspiration for creating a piece for the Chasing Light show. I combined the three images and used three different sizes, resulting in a compelling composition…. Read more »

Art Show Themes

Art shows often come together better if there are parameters. These might be subject matter, concept, color palette, size, medium, or some combination of these things. There are no guarantees that artists will respond to a call for art by submitting strong artwork. A theme that you thought was wonderful, might be greeted by a… Read more »

Show and Tell

In December I had the pleasure of hearing Transendence: How Humans Evolved through Fire, Language, Beauty and Time, read by the author, Gaia Vince. She follows the story of homo sapiens from their beginnings until now, and her full research and excellent storytelling make this book of non-fiction a real page turner! I was listening… Read more »


I make art in both figurative and abstract styles. Narrative is important in both.

Working in the Studio

It feels good to create artwork that is a reflection of 2020, and also shares my state of mind. What makes a person feel safe?