Category: Artist motivation

Progress on Safe and Well

I have committed a year to a series I call Safe and Well. So far, I’m on track. This month I share two figurative pieces, each sure to lower your blood pressure.


My job as a mentor is to help my mentee set goals, ask probing questions, make observations, and listen.

Another Makeover

A Makeover happens when you remove and add and change what you have.

Safe and Well

I have embarked on making artwork on the theme of Safe and Well.

Recycled materials

I get a lot of satisfaction from using recycled materials.

Digital Age

When did the digital age begin?
I am not a fan of devices.

What is the Juror looking for?

What is the Juror looking for? There are three things to keep in mind when accessing your artwork.


If you can delight your viewer with a title that is fun or memorable, it will keep them looking at the art a little bit longer.


What would you change in an old piece of art to make it more fanciful? Would you add a new dimension or strange colors? Maybe some fringe?

Virtual Retreat

start a project by participating in a virtual retreat.