Category: Abstract


The word “extreme” brings to mind many conditions that are the opposite of feeling safe and well.

Good People

I thought about all those people in our lives who support us, teach us, entertain, heal, cook, share, help, and are ready to step up. They are Good People.

Good Balance

The newest piece for my Safe and Well series is called Good Balance. Can you think of examples of good balance?


Spending time on choices will result in stronger artwork.

Another Makeover

A Makeover happens when you remove and add and change what you have.

Fabric Speak

Fabrics have something to say.


If you can delight your viewer with a title that is fun or memorable, it will keep them looking at the art a little bit longer.

Virtual Retreat

start a project by participating in a virtual retreat.

Less is More

I’ve been creating art with a simple vibe, by saying more with fewer parts.

Show and Tell

In December I had the pleasure of hearing Transendence: How Humans Evolved through Fire, Language, Beauty and Time, read by the author, Gaia Vince. She follows the story of homo sapiens from their beginnings until now, and her full research and excellent storytelling make this book of non-fiction a real page turner! I was listening… Read more »