Quilts are cozy

Three dogs at the beach

Gray Day Frolic, sold

I am a contemporary artist that chooses to work with fabric and present my pieces as art quilts that are hung on the wall. Fabric is tactile, nurturing and comforting; it’s the perfect medium to express themes that are also tactile, nurturing and comforting.

My representational pieces are often based around themes of being outside and playing. I am drawn to the relationship that people have to one another and to their location.  I am happy to let the fabrics do the talking. So, what do I mean by that?

Even though the images represent a specific place, (I usually begin with a reference photo) I want to be nonspecific, ambiguous and abstract in the way I create the background of the quilt. I want the colors, designs and texture of the fabrics to do the talking.

The fabrics have a voice; they say, “Look how great we play together. Look how delightful and interesting we are. Look how comforting this image is.” Each fabric contributes unique qualities as diverse as rock, water, hair, foot, or shadow, and remains cozy while doing it.


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