Something to Say About the Digital Age

New inventions have always been both delightful and frightening. An autonomous car is no different than a telephone, except for the century in which it is imbedded into human lives.

By Design, 22 X 22, $300

By Design, 22 X 22, $300

 My Voice (the artistic voice of Joan Sowada) is exemplified by using images of people and animals, usually in relationship with each other and the out doors. My medium and color palette have closely aligned with nature and nurturing ideas. Most of my contemporary art quilts also have a strong use of light and shadow.

My latest artwork has something to say about the digital age. So a change in fabric was necessary to push the messages. I am using black and white, wild patterns and pops of artificial color. I am using images that have more than one meaning, and I am still able to use my voice. These pieces are my Technology Series. It started with Sunday Afternoon, which shows how people now experience their day by recording it. A few other characteristics of the new digital age are: addiction, lack of privacy, built in obsolescence, no down time,  computer interface with the youngest most plastic minds, instant expectations, obsession, too much information.

A Minute of Clarity,15.5 X 28, 2016 , $375

A Minute of Clarity,15.5 X 28, 2016 , $375

More positive consequences of the digital age are: global network (easier to find other fabric artists!), shared intelligence (science, expertise on anything, political views, recipes, etc.), amazing programs that can render 3D images of an architects plans or make it possible to help a surgeon on another continent), and shared entertainment (art, music, movies, uplifting stories, cute animals, etc.).

What will be the next evolution of Humans? Check my Gallery page for more artwork in the Technology Series.

Followers, 28 X 51.5, $950

Followers, 28 X 51.5, $950

New Order and Taking Stock

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Inspiration from Photos

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Seasonal Artist and Late Bloomer

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