Quick Show and Tell

In my September blog post, I showed you many examples of artwork inspired by relationships with people, animals and place.  Two of the photos I shared then, are now small pieces of art. The first step in my work process, was to do a lot of editing. I limited the number of fabric choices, I removed unnecessary details, and I altered the placement of some of the background values.

Winter Stroll

In Winter Stroll, the original reference photo had more stuff behind the figures, including a speed limit sign and a more obvious curb. I removed these, but felt that the composition was better with the street light left in. If I were to create this image in a much larger size, I think that the 15 mi speed limit sign would add to the idea of the relaxed pace of these walkers and dogs.





Sisters was a gamble with color changes. Would these girls wear the new colors that a selected? I wanted to capture the original feeling of the photo, but add something a little special to keep your interest.

Bea and Teddy




Bea and Teddy is all about the light and shadows. I used exagerated original colors, and simplified the far backgroud rhythm and the shadow bits in the road and grass. Here’s the photo for comparison.




Cranberry Pancakes- Put one c. of fresh cranberries in a covered glass bowl and microwave for 2 minutes. Add 1/3 c. oats and 2/3 c. water, cover, and microwave for 2.5 minutes. Let cool, and stir in 2 T. each peanut oil and honey, 1/2 c. yogurt, and 2 eggs. Add 7/8 c. oat flour, 1/2 t. cinnamon, 1 t. baking powder, and 1/2 t. salt. Mix well. Add water if too sticky. Cook on griddle at 350 degrees. Eat hot or cold.





Not a waste of time

I meet each week with artist friends, to share our lives and discuss art related stuff. We call it Tuesday Morning Art Coffee. Some people stay one hour and some people stay 2 or more hours. We occasionally talk about flooded basements, food allergies, or dividing the daisies, but usually we stick pretty close to… Read more »

Inspiration Found in Relationships

My artist statement has drifted this way and that over the years, but one thing remains the same. People Together. Relationship. Of course dogs and horses and cats are also ‘people’. There are other Sowada characteristics of outdoors, seasons, reflections, and shadows that usually appear as well. Here are some examples of reference photos and… Read more »

How is it done?

I create artwork in two styles. When I am making abstract artwork, there is no pattern. I begin with an idea and a group of fabrics that would play well together. When I make a figurative piece the process is more structured, and in this blog I will talk about those steps. There’s a part… Read more »

Cat Fights and Tornados

I didn’t know whether to call this blog post “Planning for Everything” or “Cat Fights and Tornados.”I thought that Cat Fights might catch your attention. It is summer time, so you might open the house to the welcome cool breezes at night. That’s why it’s easy to hear the cat fight outside your window at… Read more »

At the Art Reception

When I attend an Art Reception, I usually seek out the company of another artist, preferably to sit one on one in a quiet corner. The patrons are OK too, but the conversations differ. I have thankfully out grown the extreme shyness of my youth. It is no longer impossible or painful to talk to… Read more »

How Small? How Big?

The size of a project makes a difference. You might have to get a riding lawn mower! Buy lots of trowels, so the kids can help with the weeding! Budget more than one quick weekend to paint the house! In the fabric art that I do, the two extremes of big and tiny seem the… Read more »

Powerful Habits

‘Ground Hog Day’ was a movie that dealt with the concept of repetition, waking up each day to the beginning of the same winter day, over and over. The main character began to notice this caught- in- a- loop dilema, and as a result made small changes in choices he made. So, I’ve been thinking… Read more »

Using again in a new way

Recycling is not just for plastic, cardboard, and newspaper. The concept of using something again, in a new way, can be applied to many parts of our life, from letter writing, to baby toys, to recipes, to artwork. Cousing Janet has taken the Facebook concept share photos and stories and redirected it to a letter format. These… Read more »