The weather promises to change

March December

Can you guess which one of these images represents December and which one represents March?


Which image is April and which is October?



October, 12 X 16, $175 April May

I have been creating small (10X14) abstract artwork for each month of the year. I use a combinatiion of hand painted and commercial fabrics. All applique and quilting is done by hand, sometimes using embroidery floss.

If you live in Wyoming (Montana and Colorado) you won’t have any trouble with the identity of each month.

October is alive with spicy color. Gold, rust, and red leaves fly around and the sky is crisp blue. The length of the day is speedily shrinking which adds to a hurry up quality. Get the fire wood stacked! It will probably be very cold on Halloween.

March is a breezy 31 day month. The color of October is completely bleached out and dried out. The ground is dull and the car dirty! However, you are aware of the longer days (some of them nicely warm) and you can spot a few shy crocus if you take the time to look.

December is a dark and holy month made festive with strings of lights. The pine and spruce trees provide a safe quiet place to offset the parade of parties and music.

April is the beginning of a miraculous growth spurt, as new green buds plump forth and the pleasing color combination of purple and yellow is everywhere in Tulips, Johny-Jump-Ups, Dandelions, Grape Hyacinths, and Basket of Gold. (Not every April will be purple and yellow. The blizzard of 84 was dominated by many feet of snow and a quick thaw that flooded basements all over Gillette.)

I am entertained by asking those in-the-now questions: How does this day feel? How does it smell? What are the dominant colors and textures? What would I like to say about that?

I am interested in taking a longer look at Seasons Seasons Seasons. Wyoming weather is just one branch of the subject. You too, respond to the here and now. Which toy will you introduce to your grandchild and how will you use the eggplant and chard and beets from the garden?

There are Political seasons ( the pendulum swings back and forth, push and pull)) and the related subject of Healing (Body and Soul). There are also the seasons of Life, a favorite touch stone subject for me. I love to look through the eyes of people from birth to adult to family and then old age. In future blog posts I will write about these other seasons.

Not Mac and Cheese recipe: Saute in olive oil starting with onion and adding in this order –  half a  yellow onion chopped, 1 yellow crook neck squash chopped, 2-4 c. chopped greens ( I used chard and beet tops, but any greens will do), 1/2 c. cut into cubes leftover cooked potato. Stir a bit and turn temp to medium. (Optional – add 1/3 lb. burger in chuncks to top of vegetables. Cover with lid for 4 minutes. Remove lid, break up burger and add salt and pepper.) Stir, and then add 10 slices of chedar cheese over top, turn temp to low, cover until melted. Remove lid and let cool for a few minutes before serving. (Optional – serve with hot sauce and sour cream)

September, 10.5 X 14.5, sold

September, 10.5 X 14.5, sold

Common Ground, 20X 26, $300

Common Ground, 20X 26, $300


Many Fires Burning 47 X 26 $700

Many Fires Burning 47 X 26 $700

Season Cycle, 24.5 X 18, $175

Season Cycle, 24.5 X 18, $175

A day in the life- mid August

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Just add purple and chartreuse

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Make Over

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Everyone is happy

When a commission turns out well, everyone is happy. The woman who asked me to make a piece based on a photo of herself and her children, was already familiar with my artwork. She knew about my medium, style, subject matter, and my love of light and shadow. She could safely feel that I was… Read more »

Something to Say About the Digital Age

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New Order and Taking Stock

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Inspiration from Photos

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Is it Good Artwork?

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If the Power Goes Out

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