Art Record

It feels great when you’re done!

Several years ago I set about, with the help of my organized librarian cousin, to compile an art record of all the pieces I had created for the last 50 plus years. It is a chronological list and a set of images. The first three decades took the most time, because slides needed to be scanned and enhanced, disks located, papers found. For the cross-over years, decisions were made on whether the digital image or the slide image was superior.

I don’t enjoy this sort of thing, so thank goodness cousin Janet was there to gently prod me, and to handle the complex method for numbering the list as it changed and was updated. A third person was employed to do the scanning and fixing of the oldest stuff and to size everything for maximum clarity.

The completed art record list is 20 pages, about 600 titles, and 281 images. Right now it ends in 2019, so when 2020 is over about 15 more pieces will be added to the art record to keep it updated.

I made no attempt to save images of all the artwork. I did try to save images of the most representative and the strongest work. Here are 10 examples from the 281 images.

Clowns was created in 1975, and is 34 X 25 inches. It is applique and yarn on burlap.

Past and Present was created in 1980, and is 32 X 25 inches. It is an applique piece using a variety of fabrics, including wool and satin. There is also embroidery. It was stretched over stretcher bars and hung like a painting. It was later removed, so that is why the edges are rough.

The Stroke was created in 1996, and is 17 X 22 inches. It is applique using fusible web Wonder Under and commercial fabrics. I used a zig zag stitch around each bit of fabric. It was stretched over stretcher bars and hung like a painting.

Earth Meditation was created in 2003, and is 43 X 42 inches. I started presenting my work as art quilts in 2000. I used fusible web and raw edge machine applique. There is couched chord and zig zag stitching used to create some of the lines.

Purple Dress was created in 2006, and is 40 X 26 inches. There are some hand painted fabrics along with commercial fabrics. The reference photo was taken in Boulder, CO.

Plainsong was created in 2008. It is 43 X 44 inches. The ‘sketched’ people were done using reverse applique, and the animal in the right corner done using normal applique. I added some of the dots with fabric paint. This piece was purchased by the state of Wyoming.

White Umbrellas was created in 2011, and is 46 X 31 inches. All fabrics are commercial. The reference photo was taken in Oakland, CA.

Busy was created in 2012, and is 50 X 38 inches. Many ‘ugly’ fabrics were used for the sand. The reference photo was taken at a family reunion in California.

Sunday Afternoon was created in 2015, and is 36 X 49 inches. Except for the woman holding the parasol, all of the photographers were captured in one refence photo taken in Italy.

Rain was created in 2016, and measures 61 X 31 inches. I used a combination of commercial and hand painted fabrics. All applique and quilting were done by hand.

This is a wonderful project to complete right before turning 70 years old. Thank you cousin Janet for this terrific gift!

And now a recipe. I’ve held on to this one for a month, and now I get to share it with you. This recipe is easy, pretty, and delicious. Beet Salad: Combine diced cooked beets, honey crisp apple, and avocado. Add olive oil, lime juice, and salt. Yum!


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