Artist Joan Sowada


I’ve lived in Wyoming for almost 40 years. The subtle color palette of the landscape makes it’s way into much of what I create. It is often the nuetral colors that make the strong accent colors really pop.

I work in my studio 2-4 hours a day. My most productive time of year is in winter months, when I am not pulled out into the many gardens that I care for. My husband and I tend 8 locations in town. These are mostly xeric and perennial plants.

I have always participated in both music and art. My college degree was a bachelor of music. I was strongly influenced by the instructiion of my mother, who was an oil painter and High School art teacher. I have sung with the Gillette Chamber Singers for 28 years.

I’ve used the medium of fabric for 50 years. In the beginning I was drawn to it because it is clean. I now use some seta color (similar to watercolor), and some markers and oil pastel to alter cotton and linen fabrics. I use these things sparingly, because it is important to me to retain the soft characteristics of natural cloth. I enjoy the juxtaposition of recycled plaid with hand painted and commercial fabrics. I try to have something unexpected in each piece.

If you want to know more about my life and thoughts, along with bonus recipes, then try out my blog.

Are you interested in my creative process and tecnique? The top three publications below spell out how I did things in 2011. However, one’s process evolves, and more recently I am doing much less fusing and more sewing by hand. When doing a figurative piece, I still use a tracing of my image and work flat on a table. I pin and tape things in place until I am ready to hand sew.


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Do I teach workshops?  No

Do I give talks? Yes, sometimes in the Region.

 Artist Statement

My earthy tactile pieces show our connection to nature and to one another. In both my abstract conceptual and my figurative work this relationship is what I am drawn to, as well as ideas about time, impermanence and communion. Within the work I have a balance of unfinished imperfect areas with those portions clearly in focus.