Contemporary Quilt & Fabric Artist

 I use fabric as my contemporary art medium because it has a nurturing quality and a delightful variety of “voices”.  It is light weight, and also easy to store and ship. Each art quilt has a hanging stick on the back. They can be hung using two small nails, or using fishing line that hooks over something well above the work. The abstract art quilts in my home are moved around easily and often because I use the fishing line method. For storage quilts are rolled around a swim noodle (front facing out), and wrapped in clean muslin tied with shoe laces. An added temporary paper label makes it easy to find later.

Are you nervous about having artwork that is fabric? Most art medium will be adversely effected by exposure to polluted or greasy air, high humidity and direct sunlight. Just like a painting, drawing, pastel, block print, colored pencil, or photograph, an art quilt needs care and respect to avoid damage. Any lint that collects on the quilt can be easily removed using a velcro type (pet) lint brush. Art quilts can be washed if needed (every 5-10 years) by hand in a large basin using gentle soap, and after rinsing, water removed with clean towels and quilt laid flat to dry. Lightly iron with low heat.