Contemporary Quilt & Fabric Artist

Contemporary Art created with fabric is ideal for many settings. It is easy to ship and care for, and easy to hang. The gallery pages show the delightful range of Art Quilts as Fine Art, suitable for Home, Public Art, and Corporate settings.  

Joan Sowada uses this textile medium because it has such a variety of ‘voices’, capable of communicating ideas as diverse as migration, relationships of people and the outdoors, grace, impermanence, and the exciting onslaught of technology.

 Much of Sowada’s Abstract Art Quilts are the result of hand applique and quilting, and therefore have subtle details and a contemplative quality. As an artist, Sowada is sensitive to the stories that the fabrics want to tell a viewer. She allows the medium to convey the subject of each work of art. 

Some of her newest figurative pieces are in response to ideas about the internet. She has used black and white fabrics with wild patterns and crazy pops of artificial colors. Sowada finds the digital age to be thrilling and troubling, magical, frustrating, and sad. How will people evolve to become the next way of being human?

The hacking of the internet and search algorhythms have led to a society that is torn. In answer to the question, “What would it take to heal from this break?” Joan Sowada is working on a new Healing series. The artwork shows many torn edges, and is patiently sewn by hand.